Jay is a popular businessman, whose wife (Harika) mysteriously goes missing. Yogi is a lawyer hired by the victim’s family. Based on the evidence found by the Forensic Department, Yogi suspects Jay and interrogates him to untangle the truth. As he delves deeper, the conversation spirals into a darkly thrilling tale. Who is the real culprit?

Acting Performance:
Swarnakant played the role of a yogi. Perfectly suited for the lead role of Advocate for the film. Jai Chandra played the role of Jai Vishwanath. Perfectly portrayed in the role of a businessman. Rekha Nirosha played his wife Harika. She’s also good at acting. These are the three main characters in the film. New actors were introduced to this movie.

Technical Team
DOP Yesu showed his talent in photography. The fact that he has a knack for proving how to show such thriller stories. Prem kumar Editing its Good. The Music provided by Ajay Patnaik is a plus point for the film. The Hollywood Range look adds that it would have been even better if the film had been budgeted for more.

This suspense thriller goes on with many twists without getting bored anywhere big. Coming with a thriller concept after a long hiatus, the film is expected to receive a good response with positive talk. Audiences who want a suspense thriller as the finale will definitely enjoy this movie.

Rating: 3/5

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