Digital land records portal Dharani, touted as a hallmark of Telangana’s digital infrastructure, has become a source of frustration for thousands of citizens awaiting redressal of their grievances. The faulty implementation of the portal has resulted in a digital disaster that has dented Hyderabad’s reputation as a global IT hub.

Despite the state government’s repeated claims of Hyderabad’s progress and development, the benefits of international investments in the city have not trickled down to the locals. The Dharani portal’s shortcomings have caused immense financial losses to over a million people, leading to a limited grievance redressal mechanism and prolonged delays in addressing complaints.

With the assembly elections approaching in November 2023, the government has been scrambling to rectify the issues with the portal. However, the measures taken have failed to assuage the anger and frustration of those affected by the Dharani portal’s shortcomings.

In response to this crisis, the opposition Congress party in Telangana has set up a Dharani committee comprising senior leaders Damodar Rajanarasimha and Kodanda Reddy. The committee has been gathering complaints from victims of the Dharani portal and plans to present a report on their findings.

More recently, the Telangana Congress has launched a technology-driven strategy to mobilize the public and raise awareness about the problems with the Dharani portal. The campaign involves training party workers to conduct Dharani Adalats and register complaints through a Dharani App, providing a comprehensive database of grievances with the portal.

As citizens continue to suffer the consequences of the flawed Dharani portal, it remains to be seen whether the government will take meaningful action to rectify the situation and restore the faith of the people.

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